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Correction of scoliosis while maintaining mobility in your spine.

About Dr. Burgos

Renowned specialist in the treatment of scoliosis and vertebral deformities with a solid academic background and vast experience in the field of orthopedics.

He is widely recognized for his specialized approach and advanced techniques in scoliosis correction.

Do you Suffer from Scoliosis? And, are you Looking for an Effective Solution?

Dr. Jesús Burgos is a recognized expert in the correction of this spinal deformity. With his specialized approach and advanced techniques, he offers the possibility to correct scoliosis while maintaining mobility in the spine.

As a highly respected physician in the field of scoliosis correction with extensive experience and a comprehensive and personalized approach, Dr. Burgos guarantees successful results for his patients.

Do you want to know more about this specialized approach to correcting scoliosis?

Back Pain

cirugía del dolor de espalda

If you suffer from severe pain, mobility problems, or spinal deformities, this surgery may be the solution you are looking for.

Discover how to improve your quality of life with innovative percutaneous spine surgery.

This advanced technique allows correcting the position of the spine in a minimally invasive way, which results in a faster recovery with fewer complications.

In addition, this technique is specially suitable for the elderly and those with associated conditions.

Learn about percutaneous spine surgery today


Dr. Jesús Burgos has extensive experience and is recognized on various platforms, including Top Doctors and other important entities such as bartolomebeltran.com, investcot.org and quemedico.com

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